"Everything you wanted to know about Tides"
- Dr Tim Jupp

Dr Tim Jupp, Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics at Exeter University and a keen Exe estuary sailor, presents an illustrated talk on all aspects of tides from the planetary forces to what happens on the Exe. Tim has given this highly entertaining talk twice to Lympstone Sailing Club to great acclaim. We have managed to persuade him to cross the river to come and talk to us on Thursday 8th March at 7.30pm in the clubhouse.

The talk is free, but donations to the RNLI are invited.


Membership Renewals

Emails have now been sent out to all club members to renew SYC membership this year. Please check your inboxes for the email and also your spam /junk mail boxes just in case it's ended up there.


Sailing Programme for 2018.

Please note the full Sailing programme for 2018 is now published on the website and a PDF version for printing has been emailed to members. Access the sailing programme here.

Sailing programme download link

Operational from 14 August 2017

As an additional security measure, the gate to the Club premises will be set to close automatically from 14 August.

If you enter/leave the premises during daylight hours, you will use your key just as before, but the gate will now close automatically behind you after 90 seconds. Members entering during the hours of darkness will need to use a five-digit security code in addition to their key.

There is an information page here for logged-in members, with full details of gate operation and an explanatory video by Bosun Ashore Ian Purvis. The page will be accessible in future from the Info > Info menu, but you must log in to see it.

No website account yet? Members register here.

Hi and welcome to the berthing section....

I have taken over from Mike Webster this year and aim to continue the process of berth park reorganisation to allow for more defined areas for the preferred classes, but also to ensure that regularly used boats are berthed in prime berths  which are easier to launch from. As such it is VERY important that everyone signs in the cruising log for the day in question as the usage rates are recorded from these sheets and will be used to reallocate berths during the year if necessary. Please also note that a berth allocation at the beginning of the year is not fixed for the year and the club retains the right to ask berthed boats to be moved in the year where it enables more efficient use of the berth park.

Crew...please ensure the log is entered with your name as well, this also includes the racers. Regular crew who have boats but possibly don't helm for races will also accrue benefits under the usage recording. This is to encourage active participation at the club which is essential for a vibrant and active membership.

There are two or three ongoing problem areas the berth marshals have been encountering, the most annoying of which is the non usage of berthing stickers, this year I am going to attempt to affix the stickers myself so do not expect berthing stickers to be sent with the renewals. Trailer identification is another weak area, it is impossible to identify trailers as they all pretty much look the same, as such again this year I will be contacting those storing trailers at the club and asking them to identify their own trailer to me. Finally the substitution of boats into berths without telling anyone what is going on, please inform me of what boat has been removed and what boat is coming in as any swap is liable to be reallocated to an area more suited to the boat type and space in the park.

The aim is always to run the park nearly full, boats not managing to achieve the usage requirements can at any time be asked to be removed.

Berths at the club are always in significant demand and so we do ask that boats are not just stored at the club and never used or looked after. For the very occasional user why not consider a hire boat, the club has two family cruising dinghies, one Feva and a Laser which are all in sound condition and available for significantly less than combined berthing and running costs.....

The Instructions on signing out to go on a dinghy cruise are quite explicit. If you don't add your berth number on  the sign out sheets you will not be credited with a launch and that could mean that you fall short of the requisite number of launches to qualify for a berth next year!

It isn't difficult, the berth number is the same as on the boats mast/transom 2013 sticker! There is also a list of members and their berth numbers in the Members Room and the most up to date list is on the maps below.

It is a condition of granting a boat a berth that the current year sticker is displayed on masts, or transoms in the case of Lasers, Toppers, Picos etc.. and certainly not discretionary.  Boats that do not display a 2013 berth sticker by the 20th May may be removed to the far north area of the dinghy park (the area with low branches which has a habit of interfering with masts)!

Berth Chart

There's a map of the allocated berths at SYC available online



Please ensure that you put your berth sticker on and move your boat to the allotted space as soon as possible.  If you have any queries please email me.

If you find another boat in your allocated berth please remove it placing the offending boat in the area in the far north of the dinghy park.

SYC recognises and welcomes members or close family providing memorial seats as a fitting, cherished reminder of members past who enjoyed the club and its facilities, and who contributed to its success.  The club requests the following points are observed and followed;


  • Any close family and/or members proposing to install a memorial bench dedicated to former members should advise one of the four Flag Officers of their intention before purchasing.
  • Details should include seat size, materials, manufacturer and inscription.  This information will be discussed at General Committee for approval.
  • GC recommends seats are;
    • Manufactured from sustainable teak, or Iroko, or seasoned Oak  sourced supply,
    • Of robust construction suitable for a marine environment,
    • Two or three person’s capacity
  • SYC recognises good quality durable external wooden furniture minimizes maintenance upkeep.
  • The memorial seat is looked upon as a gift to SYC who will take on ownership and maintenance responsibility and associated costs.
  • At the end of the memorial seat’s life SYC will organise disposal and carefully remove any remaining brass plaque/s and will arrange their fitting on the clubhouse overlooking the estuary as a final fitting tribute to the former member.
  • It is intended a club memorial bench will be provided at a future date. Friends and relatives of departed members will be welcomed to contribute to its cost in the form of a fixed brass memorial plaque, (100mm x 35mm) up to 100 characters (subject to agreement by the General Committee) for the sum of £100.


Thinking of joining SYC?

If you are thinking about becoming a member of Starcross Yacht Club, then why not come down to the club and pay us a visit? The best day to visit is usually on a Sunday race day and the times of races can be found here. There's a map of where SYC is located together with directions here.

If you don't know any existing members then you may like to give the Membership Secretary a ring so you can be shown round the club and introduced to other members and club officers.

Membership and Subscriptions

If you are not a member you can apply for membership on-line here.

Alternatively you can download a Membership Application Form and send or e-mail it to the Membership Secretary.

Please note that to reduce costs, the Club prefers applications to be made online.

  • Applications will then be listed on the Club website members home page, and if after seven days no objection has been brought to the General Committee, you may use the club as a Temporary Member until such time as your application has been considered.
  • The Club aims to complete the approval process within 14 days.
  • Once approved as a member by the Committee you will be sent a welcome pack including your key.


  • There may be waiting list for berths in the Dinghy Park, to which your application will be added on completion of a separate Berth Application Form
  • Preference may be given to Club preferred classes


  • Members have 18 moorings with between 0.5 to 2m of water at LWOS, this mooring area is surrounded by a similar number of semi-drying moorings (the mooring area is generally soft to shingle sea bed).
  • There is a waiting list for the deeper moorings but often no wait for the shallower ones, that are more suitable for lifting and twin keel yachts.
  • For further details and application contact Simon Tytherleigh.

Logon Info

If you are an SYC member we strongly recommend that you log on (or create an account to logon) as there is lots of functionality on this web site that is only available to logged on SYC members. If you are on a private computer, clicking Remember Me is also highly recommended.