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All about junior sailing 2015

Junior Training

SYC runs a training scheme which is for the children of FAMILY members, aged between 8 (on the 1/4/2014) and 16. It takes place on Friday nights (5:30pm - 9:00pm) from 10th April to 17th July 2015 and caters for beginner to competent sailors. It is organised and run by club volunteers with the aim of encouraging children to sail, race and have safe fun on the water.

The cost is £40/child per season which contributes towards maintenance and fuel for the club dinghies, safety boats and equipment. Fees are payable with your annual membership renewal.

The training sessions are limited to a maximum of 90 children for safety reasons. Applications will be accepted on the following basis:

  1. Children of Coaches and Helpers
  2. Returning frequent attendees
  3. Siblings of 1 & 2
  4. Children of club members of more than 12 months
  5. Everyone not in 1 – 4
  6. Adjustments at discretion of committee if necessary to account for uneven spread of applicants and other unforeseen exceptional circumstances

It should be noted that Juniors membership depends on parents fulfilling duties such as junior galley, clearing up etc. (these are in addition to your main club duties). Failure to fulfill duties effectively may lead to exclusion in future years.


Starcross Yacht Club is a recognised RYA Sail Training Centre, we aim to encourage good skills and seamanship. These skills will be recognised by way of the National Youth Training Scheme, with the award of certificates. In line with RYA guidance, sessions are overseen by a Senior Instructor(s) and delivered by a mix of Dinghy Instructors,  Level 2 Race Coaches, Assistant Instructors and parent helpers. We are all volunteers, who give their time freely. Your young sailor will be placed in a group based on sailing ability and age.

An overview of the coaching scheme can be found here.

Groups Boats Experienced required
Coaching Topics
Beginner Optimist, RSFeva, Wayfarer None topics/skills
Optimist skills
(must have own boat)
Able to sail a triangular course topics/skills
Advanced Optimist
(must have own boat)
By selection

topics/skills - level 1

topics/skills - level 2

Single handed skills
Topper, Laser4.7/Radial
(must have own boat)
Able to sail a triangular course topics/skills
Single handed race
Topper, Laser 4.7/Radial
(must have own boat)
By selection

topics/skills - level 1

topics/skills - level 2
Double handed race
RS Feva, 420, RS200
(must have own boat)
By selection

topics/skills - level 1

topics/skills - level 2

Club boats

The club owns several boats including Toppers, RS Feva’s and Optimists. The club Optimists are reserved for the Beginner group only. The Toppers are available for use by juniors in the Beginners group for one season only on a rota system; please indicate on the application whether your child wishes to use a club Topper. Once able to sail, children need to have their own boat in order to maximise the benefits of Junior Sailing and provide fair access for all beginners. The RS Feva’s will be used for teaching beginners on a one to one basis. Club boats are available for one season only, if your child is entering into a second season or more, you are expected to provide a seaworthy suitable craft. This will allow new sailors to have the advantage of club boats.

Parents Responsibilities

Parents are responsible for ensuring that:

  • Their child owns and wears suitable clothing including; buoyancy aid, wetsuit, wetsuit boots & gloves, hat and waterproofs.
  • Their child’s boat is; seaworthy, registered with the Club Berth Marshall (whether it is kept at SYC or not) and is insured in accordance with Club rules.
  • Their child abides by the safety rules. (These will be issued at the 1st training session each year)

Parents must remain at the club during the whole session and help with the following activities:

  • Assisting their children in rigging, de-rigging and storage of all club and their own boats.
  • Launching, recovery and storage of safety boats – bring suitable clothing and be prepared to get wet!
  • Launching and recovery of club and junior boats – again bring suitable clothing.
  • Perform 2 Junior Sailing galley duties and 1 Junior Sailing bar duty. These duties are in addition to the club duties which form part of the conditions of membership of Starcross Yacht Club.
  • Junior membership depends on parents fulfilling duties such as galley duties, assisting with safety boats, clearing up etc. Failure may lead to exclusion in future years.

Application for Junior Sailing

  • To apply for a place(s) for Junior Sailing, please complete the ‘Application for Junior Sailing’ form available from this website.
  • The forms, once completed, should be emailed to the Junior Membership Secretary, at the stated email address.
  • You will be notified by email to confirm your place(s). You will receive confirmation by Date To Be Confirmed.
  • With your confirmation will be a medical declaration form which needs to be completed, printed and bought along on the first session.
  • Payment of Junior Sailing fees must be paid with your annual membership to the club.
  • It is your responsibility to inform the Junior Membership Secretary if you change your email address.
Junior Training enquiries should be addressed to the Junior Membership Secretary Debbie Ironside-Smith who can be e-mailed via the contacts page
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