Starting in October you are probably aware that we will be going back to our normal Autumn Series races - with a few small changes, principally:

  • average wind speed limit increased to 16 knots
  • four starts - ASSY, FAST, SLOW, MULTI
  • juniors racing in slow handicap fleet with separate results extracted for the series
  • no restrictions on the number of inflatable buoys used to set courses
  • sign on will continue with the website based system we have been using recently
  • beachmasters can now race - see below

The club sailing instructions have been amended accordingly - DOWNLOAD HERE - this replaces the previous COVID amendment.

I have also updated the user guide to the sign-on system - including the few tweaks I have made to the interface - DOWNLOAD HERE

Conscious of the need to try and keep the number of duties to a minimum, we are going to attempt to allow beachmasters to join in with the racing. Simon Greenslade and I will nominate one person each week to act as beachmaster for launching - once most of the boats have launched the beachmaster will then be able to join in the racing. Based on the entries for the race we will also pick three people to be "recovery" beachmasters - first one ashore after the race will act as beachmaster. I will notify the beachmasters by email on friday of each week. If it doesn't work we will have to go back to having non-sailing beachmasters, so please try to make it work.