Often, when attempting to fix things in place or hold them there while they are bonded, drilled or even soldered, we need a third hand. If the position is tricky so that a clamp won't fit or it needs to be held for some time, it becomes even more difficult.

One way round it is to use Mitre Fast from EverBuild, a two-component cyanoacrylate adhesive especially developed for fixing those awkward kitchen cabinet cornices quickly.

Available in most good hardware stores and Trago Mills for around £6.00, you will be amazed what can be fixed with this product. It is supplied as a 50gm container of cyanoacrylate adhesive and a spray can of activator fluid. There are two main ways to use it. Coat one side of the items to be fixed with the adhesive, spray the other side with activator and push the two parts together. This method is used for permanent bonds on wood or fibre based products.


Another way is to hold the object to be fixed in place, spot adhesive in a couple of places on either side and spray a fine film of activator at the object. After a few seconds it is firmly held and can be worked on further, e.g. pilot hole drilling. Using the spotting technique the object can be easily removed with a sharp tap if necessary. Mitre Fast will stick to wood, rubber, fibre products, most plastics, glass and metal, as well as human skin. Always wear eye protection and suitable gloves; read the manufacturer’s instructions. It will eventually dissolve off skin in warm soapy water.

Incidentally, the activator is an excellent degreaser for contaminated surfaces and accidental oil stains in fabric.

Example shows (left) a jam cleat and (right) a 120mm gate hinge temporarily fixed on vertical surfaces prior to pilot hole drilling and screw fixing.

Coming next... epoxy bonding in winter