As we make the approach to colder weather and lower water temperatures, we should be aware of the effects of exposure to them. A state known as hypothermia is where the human body core temperature is reduced and needs assistance to recover. Old methods of a hot bath or shower are no longer acceptable as they could induce more serious conditions leading to cardiac arrest in severe cases. 

The following document has been put together by Peter Schranz  and edited by Sarah Peat (both healthcare professionals) to help us better understand the symptoms of and the treatment for hypothermia.

Within the next week, the space we are developing as a facility for disabled persons will be used over the winter months for the treatment of potential hypothermia. Please take the time to read through and familiarise yourselves with this treatment.


Solo Class Leader Charlie Cumbley, whom some members may remember as our Dinner Dance guest speaker a few years ago, will be giving a webinar with Class Expert Tom Gillard this Tuesday at 14:00 on behalf of North Sails. Charlie grew up and learned to sail in our local area.

Although the main emphasis will be on Solo handling, Charlie has said that much of the content will apply to all single-hander dinghies and he is happy to take questions from owners of boats other than Solos. North Sails promise "an informal discussion of all things Solo. Welcoming special guest and Solo Class Chairman, Doug Latta, the live webinar will include tips on how to maximise speed on the racecourse, boat setup advice as well as a focus on upwind sailing with Charlie and downwind sailing with Tom."

You will need to download and install Zoom on your computer, and you will need to register (for free) at More information is here.