Get together 8th Feb 2020 at Globe in Topsham.  1pm for pre-meeting walk from quay around river, then meeting proper at 3pm.

Dinghy Show - Alexandra Palace  29 Feb - 1 March

Shore Based Training 28th March at club 11.00

On Water Training 25 April at 10.00



Events programme  2020

Sat 4 Apr             7pm                                              Fitting Out Supper - The Theme is Mexican - come along and join the fun.

Sat 18 April          10.00                                             Working Party for all day sailors - incl Dinghy Cruisers

Sat 2 May            11.00     HW 14.26             2.8m      Adult Race Training at club – an opportunity to practise racing or how

                                                                               to  sail better between any two points.

Sat 2 May            13.30                                              Free Sailing


Sat 9 May            13.00     LW 15.07              0.5m      DR Cruise


Sat 16 May          14.00     HW 14.59             2.6m      Free Sailing


Sat 6 June           12.00     LW 14.02              0.6m      DR Cruise


Sat 13 June         11.30     HW 12.41             2.7m      Free Sailing – great day for fun events and training


Sat 4 July             16.00     HW 19.04             3.9m      Free Sailing


Sat 18 July           10.00     LW 11.27              1.1m      Commodore's Cruise – Strawberries and cream all round!


Sat/Sun 25/26 July           HW 10.56             3.7m      Exe Regatta – join in if you feel like it, lots of fun on and off the water.


Sat 1 Aug             16.00     HW 17.55             3.5m      Free Sailing


Sat 8 Aug             9.30        HW 10.21             3.4m      UR Cruise - need prompt start if to get upriver before tide turns.


Sat 15 Aug           15.00     HW 16.21             3.0m      Free Sailing


Sat 22 Aug           14.00     LW 15.58              0.6m      DR Cruise


Sat 29 Aug           15.00     HW 16.38             3.1m      Free Sailing and a birthday celebration, but whose?


Sat 5 Sept            16.00     LW 15.36              0.8m      Star Stock – a superb event of great music, excellent choice of food with

great ambiance on our own idyllic stretch of riverside – don’t miss it.  Chance for a short sail beforehand if you fancy it


Sat 12 Sept         13.00    HW 14.05             2.7m      Free Sailing


Sat 19 Sept          12.00     LW 15.04              0.5m      DR Cruise – starting earlier than usual before LW so more water.


Sat 26 Sept          14.00     HW 15.00             2.8m      Free Sailing


Sat 10 Oct            10.00     HW 12.19            2.9m      UR Cruise


Sat 31 Oct            19.00                                           Laying Up Supper – again give it a try, it is a lot of fun.




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