Options for how to haul out a dinghy single-handed


  • There is a box in the Member's Room containing ropes and pulleys for easy hauling out of boats up the steep part of the slipway.
  • It is is not locked because of valuable contents!
  • The box contains rope and pulleys to enable club members to haul out their boat if it is heavy and they are on their own.
  • It is locked to try to prevent items being borrowed for other purposes and the borrower forgetting to return them.
    This would leave someone sailing on their own and relying on the contents being there “in the lurch”.
  • if you feel that this system would be useful for you, please let the Rear Commodore know via the Contacts page who will add your name to the list of people to be informed whenever the combination lock number is changed.

Safety considerations

  • Do not use this system when there are other people at the club using the slipway.
  • Use of this system is solely at your own risk
  • Let the Rear Commodore know if your see any part of the ropes or pulleys that need maintaining.

A pictorial suggestion for one way of using the system. Thanks to Bob Fox for putting the system together!

 Figure 1 - The box is kept in the Member's Room Figure 2 - Box contentsFigure 3 - Pull boat as far as steep part of slipway
 Figure 4 - Attach strop to trailer Figure 5 - Attach pulley/shackle to strop Figure 6 - Attach other pulley / shackle to eye on sea wall
 Figure 7 - Pull rope! Figure 8 - Chock wheels when at wall Figure 9 - Move pulley/shackle to eye in front of boat house (assistant optional)
 Figure 10 - Pull rope! Figure 11 - Boat now up slipway successfully Figure 12 - Replace cover over eye in front of boat house