One of the main aims for the dinghy cruise "officer of the day" is to keep the amount to brief out on the day to a minimum.

However, this means that there is some additional information to get through before giving your briefing on the day. There is

The above might look like a lot but - don't worry - none of the above documents are longer than two pages! Laminated copies of the above documents should be available in the "dinghy cruise clipboard" in the holder on the wall in the SYC boat shed (above the work bench).

Electronic signing-out, using the 2019 camera-and-tag system, replaces any mention of signing out by hand on the Sailing Log sheets.

Note that all participants in the dinghy cruise should have read the "SYC Dinghy Cruise Crews Guidelines – Know" document before joining the cruise. If they haven't, there are also a few copies of this document in the SYC boatshed.

Have fun!