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SYC Website Data Privacy

Website Data Processing

The SYC website is hosted on a secure server provided by linode.com in London, England.

The server running the SYC website has its operating system and core system software regularly patched to apply the latest bug / security fixes. The same security / bug fix patching is also applied to the core website software (Joomla).

All data to / from the SYC website is over secure HTTPS / SSL connections.

Website Data Processing

Access to SYC website server is securely locked down with multi-factor authentication (including public/private keys) and is currently limited to two SYC members

Access to the SYC web site database

Access to SYC website database is securely locked down and is currently limited to four SYC members

Data Security

Data in the SYC website database is not encrypted because access to the SYC server and database is controlled as detailed above. However, it is emphasised that user entered passwords are not stored in plain text (they are “salted” and “hashed”). That said, SYC web site users are strongly recommended to follow best usual internet practices and use a password that is unique to the SYC web site.

Personal Information Collected By The SYC Website

Core Website Functionality

Only current, paid up members of Starcross Yacht Club will be able to complete the moderated website registration process. Sign up applications from non-members are deleted by the SYC web site administrators.

The SYC website registration process asks you for the following information when you register on the website.

You can change any of this information – except the username – at any time after your registration is complete.

Please note: Starcross Yacht Club and/or its officers do not maintain this website profile data in any way. Your website profile is completely separate from your SYC membership record and a request to update your membership details will not result in your SYC website profile being updated. You “own” your website profile data and should maintain it when it needs to be changed.

Website Analytics

The SYC website does not use any client side technology to track users' behaviour on the website. In the past we used Google Analytics for this purpose. This was removed in the 2nd half of 2021.

We do generate aggregated statistics (e.g. how many users visited the website today) by processing the server side web logs using a tool called GoAccess. This processes / displays no PII (personally identfiable information) other than IP addresses.

Forum Functionality

The SYC website provides “forums” which have areas that are publicly visible / readable and areas that are restricted to registered, logged on members of the SYC website. There are no forums to which anonymous users can post messages.

Please remember that any content you enter on any of the forums should be assumed to be public information (as you have no control over who may later re-publish content from an “SYC member only forum” to somewhere with wider access) and you should, therefore, exercise caution when deciding to disclose information about yourself or discussing other people or products

When posting on one of the Starcross Yacht Club website forums, you are accepting that there are moderators of the forums who can and will delete any posts that they deem unacceptable based on their judgement of what is appropriate for a sailing club discussion. The decision of the current SYC Commodore will be final on what is an acceptable post to an SYC website forum.

Race Entries and Race Results

The SYC website includes an events management system that allows users to enter for a sailing event and displays a list of the entries for each event which is publicly available.

The attributes collected for race entries are listed below - the attributes marked with an asterisk are displayed on the current entries list:

The race entry data is held in a mysql database. Direct access to the database is restricted with two levels of passwords (database server, and administration application).

Currently the entry data is not removed from the database after the event (though it could be) - but after the event the information is no longer accessible publicly through the event management system.

Race results are held in individual html files for each race and are publicly available. This is an important resource for club members to check their results when participating in the club racing. The personal information contained within these files for each participant is:

Each person recorded in the results has registered (“signed on”) to take part in the race and in doing so agrees to comply with the SYC Sailing Instructions document covering the organisation of racing at Starcross YC. This document includes sections on image rights and could be extended to explicitly cover data rights.

The results files are not deleted and currently extend back to 2010.

SYC Club Members Webcam

Starcross Yacht Club operates a webcam that is intended to allow users to view boats and sailing on the Exe Estuary near the club.

The following points relating to the webcam are highlighted:

Other cameras at SYC (that cannot be controlled or viewed via this website are not covered under this website T&Cs document.

Crew Finder

The Crew Finder application allows SYC members to find crews or people looking for crews. If you create an entry, you are asked to optionally enter your telephone number. If you do, it will be visible to registered, logged on SYC website users.

If you respond to an entry on the application, the club member who made the entry will see your email address (which is automatically retrieved from your SYC website profile).

The Crew Finder application and its data is not visible or accessible to users who are not registered, logged on users of the SYC website.

Boat Hire

The Boat Hire application allows SYC members to book the club’s hire boats. If you request, via the application, the hire of a club boat, your email address will be automatically retrieved from your SYC website profile and you may optionally enter a telephone number. This information will be emailed to the SYC Boat Hire Administrator. It will be visible to all administrators of the SYC boat hire application but not to other registered, logged on SYC website users.

The Boat Hire application and its data is not visible or accessible to users who are not registered, logged on users of the SYC website.

Miscellaneous Data

Like most websites, the SYC website records access to the website in “web server access logs” and error logs. These logs don’t record information that is personally identifiable to individual users but do record your IP address and information related to your browser / device.

Data Retention

SYC website profiles

If you resign or leave from the SYC club, your website profile will be deleted by the website administrators because only current, paid up members of SYC have full access to the SYC website.

The deletion of old profiles typically happens once a year after the yearly membership renewal process has been completed. identifiable to individual users but do record your IP address and information related to your browser / device.

Forum Functionality

The messages posted to the SYC website forum are retained indefinitely. Even if you contact SYC to ask for your website profile data to be deleted the SYC website administrators will not, by default, remove any SYC forum posts you have made in the past.

Race Results

As previously described the club race results (for internal member only events and for “open” events) are publicly accessible and essentially provide information on the type of boat and registration number of the boat being sailed and the names of the people sailing the boat, and their race result(s). This data is retained permanently as it provides important historical records concerning one of the club’s main sporting activities.

Crew Finder Data

Personal Data in the Crew Finder application is anonymised for all entries that are for dates one month older than the current date. The basic, anonymised entries remain in the system so that trends in usage can be analysed. 

Boat Hire Data

Personal Data in the Crew Finder application is anonymised for all entries that are for dates one month older than the current date. The basic, anonymised entries remain in the system so that trends in usage can be analysed. 

Private Messages

All Private Messaging message data is deleted (whether read or unread) after 50 days.

Web server access / error logs

Web server access / error logs are deleted after 7 days.


Like most web sites / applications, the SYC website keeps back ups of all important files and data. These files / data are retained (in London, UK) on a four week rolling basis. Any requests for deletion of your data (see the next section) will not be pro-actively deleted from these backups. Instead they will expire four weeks after your data is deleted from the website.

If the SYC production website is ever restored from a backup (an event that hasn't needed to happen in the last 10 years), then any request for data deletion will be re-applied to the restored data.


The SYC website uses cookies for its functionality. These include


The Starcross Yacht Club web site does not proactively send emails to any users – you must explicitly “sign up” for any emails from the SYC web site.


This privacy statement applies only to websites belonging to and operated by Starcross Yacht Club. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of third party web sites that may be linked to our web pages.