At SYC we have approximately 400 end-of-life tyres supporting our watercraft in one way or another. The advantage has been that they are normally free to anyone who wants them. The problem is disposing of the tyres after this usage. It is a costly process, especially for perished tyres, as their composite materials do not easily lend themselves to shredding or chipping. 400 tyres will weigh about 3200 kg and that does not include the stagnant rainwater contained in their hollow interiors.

End-of-life car tyres can be recycled into many products.
The process involves shredding the tyre to separate the rubber from the metal content, which is re-smelted, then processing the rubber into a crumb or chips. Current usage includes:

  • Inclusion in asphalt to decrease vehicle noise, and in railway sleepers for the same purpose.
  • Creating soft surfaces for playgrounds and equestrian areas.
  • As a fuel for industrial products, notably in cement kilns.

The General Committee has decided it is time to rid the site of vehicle tyres in a huge clearance project involving approximately 2 tonnes of scrap metal from discarded trolleys and trailers and 1 tonne of discarded items “parked” behind sheds, racks and hedges over decades.
The purpose is to turn our wonderful riverside frontage into an environmentally friendly area to be proud of.
2022 will be the 250th anniversary of the founding of Starcross Yacht Club and during that celebratory year we aim to have our Club in tip-top order.

Loose tyres have already been cleared away from the railway boundary areas to make room for the new security fence installed by Network Rail.

As a substitute for tyre boat props, wooden stands will be provided and funded by the Club as outlined by Steve Peat in his email. These are made-to-measure items for each boat category and fit under the launching trolley to give a similar angle of tilt to that previously provided by tyres. An optional bow tie-down anchored into the soil can be used to secure the trolley firmly to the stand so that it cannot rock or swivel in the wind. Similarly, a rope tie-down will be used to firmly anchor trolleys with jockey wheels.

Similar stands have been produced for use in the tender racks for inflatable craft. Tyres have been removed. Hard foam blocks are available if preferred and can be procured in consultation with the Berth Marshal. The same is true for those who require a transom buffer.

The stands have been produced on site by volunteer labour, using timber sourced from sustainable forests. They are marked “Starcross Yacht Club” and remain the property of the Club.

Please help us get this programme completed as smoothly as possible. Tyres have been corralled ready for collection. Please do not remove them from these areas or bring other tyres on to the Club site.

  • Air bags will be provided for use in cushioning craft during rolling manoeuvres on hard ground, and will be located in prominent positions.