A new website was created for SYC over the summer of 2015 and went "live" in September 2015. The new website was based on a extract of the data on the old website from sometime in the early summer of 2015.

Therefore, if you registered on the old SYC website aster the "cut" of the data was taken from there, then your registration wouldn't have been carried across to the new SYC website.

You will need to re-register on the new SYC website - go here.

For more details about other changes that came in with the new SYC website, please see this article.


on 10/11/2015 by Aidan Whiteley

When the new SYC website went live in September 2015 people's forum digest subscriptions were not copied across from the old website.

You need to visit this link where you'll find lots more email digest subscription options than on the previous SYC website.

on 10/10/2015 by Aidan Whiteley

Here's how to upload your own "avatar" so those your are discoursing with on the SYC forums can "see" with whom they are, in fact, discoursing...

  • take the Forum / Profile menu links
  • click the "edit" button the right hand side of the screen. This isn't too prominent so look carefully.
  • click the "avatar image" link
  • click the "upload new avatar" link and upload a picture of your dog, boat, canoe or even, if feeling conventional, yourself
on 10/10/2015 by Aidan Whiteley