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Europe GBR 394

10 months 1 week ago #1 by Tim Laws
Europe GBR 394 was created by Tim Laws
International Europe GBR 394 - £950 ono

I'm selling my Europe to buy a slightly newer one. I'm hoping it might stay in the club so I have another one to compete against. Happy to give any help and advice to get a new Europiste started and can probably be a bit flexible on price too...
  • Winner hull - built 1991 - Good condition. Recently sanded and polished back to a nice smooth surface. One neat repair (predates my ownership) on the port side at the bow.

  • Two sails, one by WB and by Green. The WB is the more recent of the two. Both are well used but fine for training and club racing.

  • Rudder with ally stock and carbon tiller extension - good condition

  • Centreboard - a few small repairs but otherwise good condition

  • Boom

  • Carbon mast - I'm not sure of the make and model of the mast as the builders plaque has been previously removed. I sail at about 75kg and the mast seems to match this well, so I'd guess it's good for someone in the 65-75kg range.

  • All control lines and block in good condition and work well.

  • Trolley - cradle recently re-covered in astroturf.

  • Boom-up cover - old but still serviceable.

  • Measurement Certificate

The boat will be available sometime in early June (when its replacement arrives). Happy to sort out viewings/test sails for anyone interested - or come and have a chat on a race day.


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