(See updated Starcross YC COVID-19 Secure Policy)

I'm not sure what I have done to deserve the penance of trying to make sense of the government's COVID regulations and the RYA's COVID guidelines, but that seems to be my life at the moment. Changes made by both organisations mean that we need to make some changes to our COVID procedures if we want to remain on the right side of the law. Please read the following carefully as it applies to ALL members.

The club is required to keep contact details of EVERY visitor to the club premises. For participants in the racing we can use the sign on details you give us through the online system when you enter the race. For free sailors and those who leisure sail during the week we have introduced a similar online system that allows you to register your visits. For members doing club duties (OOD, safety boat, galley) we can use the dutyman records. These systems will cover the majority of visits to the club but there is still a significant minority of visits not covered - for example, family members watching the racing or freesailing, boat bimblers, contractors etc. For these visits we offer a couple of options for you - either complete one of the paper slips that are available from the Members' Room porch and post it in the box provided, OR if you have downloaded the government's contact tracing app, scan the club's QR code which you can find displayed at various points on the club premises.

The provisions for the continuation of amateur sport in the government regulations are VERY specific, and maintaining contact details for all visitors is a key requirement. It would be very easy for the authorities to close our activities down if we don't comply. Please take responsibility for recording every visit you make to the club using ONE of the systems described above.

Before Lockdown 2 we were getting on top of a "spatially-distanced" launch and recovery process - thanks to you all. The biggest issue we have now are people onshore, watching the racing or free sailing. It is lovely to see people enjoying the club in this way, but the regulations are very clear that the "rule of six" must be followed in this situation. This means:

  • you must stay in a group or six or less, and
  • each group must be separated by 2m, and
  • individuals cannot move from group to group

A number of members did express concern about regulations not being followed onshore and we all need to be vigilant to ensure that the club is operating within the law.

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