We hear that 14-year-old Katie McCabe of Topsham will be returning on Saturday 21 August from a single handed, anticlockwise sail round Britain in her wooden Morgan Giles yacht, Falanda, having left the Exe in late June. Katie will be the youngest person to achieve this feat and has raised more than £9000 for charities. This has been an epic voyage, following in the wake of our own Derek Hathaway! Katie will arrive at Exmouth at approximately 16:30 before sailing on up to Topsham.

A group will meet at SYC about 16:00 to share some of Kathy Jones's cake(s) and cheer Katie on her way. SYC members are invited to come and join in this celebration instead of the postponed Commodore's Cruise. There is a plan to write a message of congratulations to Katie on the reverse of our old Exe Regatta sign!

Well done, Katie!