Great news - all children with previous sailing experience have had the chance to attend a Friday session during the Easter holidays, and will continue to be able to attend training fortnightly. The extra session on the Wednesday after Easter was a great success and our extra precautions and administration due to COVID are proving to be up to the job.

Teaching Groups will be quite fluid as those who haven’t been able to get on the water must remember what they learnt almost 18 months ago. The instructors will assess each student and those who are confident will be moved up, and those who aren’t quite as confident as they thought they were will be put in a group which is more supportive for them. The most important thing that we can teach is have fun on the water and enjoy sailing at whatever level you sail at.

It’s been lovely to see Juniors participating in the free sailing and club racing too (both as helms and as crews). Special mentions are needed for the Easter Racing, where Henry Reed was 6th and Harriet Paley won - many congratulations!

The beginners will be added to the training rota from Friday 23rd April for weekly sessions with components on and off the water. We can’t wait to get you all started on your sailing adventure! We will be contacting parents by email to confirm their child’s sessions, and once at the Club we will show you where to find things, and how to help the instructors ensure the sessions run smoothly.

Our plan is to revert to full strength weekly sessions as Stage 3 of the regulations come into force, from 17th May- watch this space.

Please can all parents join Slack- this will be our main communication method- you should have received a link to sign up.