The Sailing Committee would is trying to encourage more juniors racing in our regular series races, and are considering a number of ideas to try and encourage more participation.  Some junior specific race training sessions are being planned and a junior start is being added to our series racing for Sundays and Wednesday evenings.

We would like all competitors to look out for juniors racing and encourage them where you can - but most of all avoid any actions that inadvertently might put them off racing.

The change to the series racing will impact the OOD duties - though we recognise that there will not be junior entries for every series race.  The following instructions will be posted in the OOD box.



A JUNIOR start has been added to the end of the start sequence (3 mins after the multihulls).  It is for juniors racing Fevas, Toppers and Optimists.  If you have have juniors entered you will need to do the following:

1) Set the number of starts on the lights box to 5 if a Sunday series race and to 4 if its a Wednesday evening race.

2) Set a small port-hand triangular course (or something similar) using the special "stick" Junior Marks.  Do not try and include the course on the course board.

3) Use the tannoy to call a quick course briefing for the Juniors before the start - describe the course, start sequence and no. of laps (should be fewer laps for Optimists)

4) Finish the race as usual with a target race time for the leaders of 25-30 minutes.  The race will be scored using average lap timing so as long as they complete one lap they will get a score.

If you have any questions contact me or Russ Gibbs


Mark Elkington

Sailing Secretary

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