2020 Membership renewals
The Membership Secretary will be emailing everyone with their membership renewal details this week. Please check your spam as well as they sometimes end up there.

SYC Programme for Outlook
If you use Outlook for your diary, you can add all the year's SYC events very quickly. Download the .zip file, extract the .ics file, import it into Outlook, and you are good to go.

Who's Who at SYC
The Gallery is for logged-in users only. The menu link at Content > Essentials > Who's Who at SYC, and the Quick Link at the bottom of this page, are only visible when you are logged in.

Everybody has their own favourite source of information for sailing weather information. If you would like yours added to the SYC weather menu item, please contact the SYC web master.

Weather data sources

Many of the different weather web sites just put different "visualisations" on the same sources of weather data. To ensure you are getting a "second opinion", it is worth checking the data source used by your two favourite weather web sites and check that they are different. Otherwise that "second opinion" may not be providing you with a truly second opinion.

Starcross Yacht Club is situated on the west bank of the Exe Estuary. Get directions to SYC using the map below.

If driving from the M5, take the road signed for Dawlish (A379). You will shortly pass by the village of Exminster. It is about a mile north of the large village of Starcross. If looking up the location you can use the postcode of EX6 8JJ or the Lat/Long of 50° 38' 49.60" North, 3° 27' 5.53" West (or 50.6470N / 3.4512W for those who prefer decimal)


Important Event To Be Widely Publicised Outside SYC

The idea behind this article is that it can be displayed at the top of the default (not logged in) home page when important messages need to be displayed to members of the public visiting the SYC web site. So for things like the Starcross Steamer or Exe Regatta etc. This message will be displayed before the home page slider so it can be displayed as well as the slider or instead of it (although showing the slider as well doest work for me!). Turn the display of this article and the home page slider by publishing / unpublishing the two relevant modules using the site admin tool.

The alternative (nicer approach) would be to create a new slider image for the home page slider to advertise the event and then make that the first slide to display in the slider.

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