SYC Junior Training is not a commercial enterprise. It is staffed by appropriately-qualified volunteers who rely upon the support and cooperation of parents for the smooth and safe running of the Friday sessions.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that:

  • Their child owns and wears suitable clothing including: buoyancy aid, wetsuit, wetsuit boots & gloves, hat and waterproofs.
  • Their child’s boat is: seaworthy, registered with the Club Berth Marshall (whether it is kept at SYC or not) and is insured in accordance with Club rules.
  • Their child abides by the safety rules. (These will be issued at the 1st training session each year)

Parents must remain at the club during the whole session and help with the following activities:

  • Assisting their children in rigging, de-rigging and storage of all club and their own boats.
  • Launching, recovery and storage of safety boats – bring suitable clothing and be prepared to get wet!
  • Launching and recovery of club and junior boats – again bring suitable clothing.
  • Perform two Junior Sailing galley duties and one Junior Sailing bar duty. These duties are in addition to the club duties which form part of the conditions of membership of Starcross Yacht Club.
  • Junior membership depends on parents fulfilling duties such as galley duties, assisting with safety boats, clearing up etc. Failure may lead to exclusion in future years.

There must be a parent or guardian present during all Junior Sailing events. If both parents are absent then a Club member must be nominated as temporary guardian.


Junior nights

What happens?...… Once we are ready to get on the water. The first session is a dry session.

Children need to be changed, and boats rigged for 6pm briefing at the club house.

New for 2020 Children will not be able to go sailing until their boat has been signed off to say it is sea worthy... AND if it stays on site it has a boat sticker stuck on the boat. 

 All junior parents will also need to signed off to say that you have been told and understand the different duties that will need to be undertaken during junior sail training evenings.

Description of junior duties


Galley Duty and Bar


Please arrive at 17:30.

Full instructions in galley, including prices. You do not have to purchase the food to cook, as this is already organised.

You are likely to be cooking sausages, bacon and chips.

Please do not alter prices as they are set by the club.

Please do not close before checking that the Instructors and Safety Boat Crew have eaten.

We try to get people to order their food before sailing so we know what to cook. 


Launch and Recover Safety Boats and Junior Sailing Dinghies


Please arrive as soon as possible and  report to the Boat House at 17:15 (hopefully)

All Safety Boats need to be on the water before 18:00.

Zodiacs (the small ribs) need to be carefully  collected from the containers, and wheeled to the boat house to have their engines fitted.

The big ribs need at least 6 people to wheel the boats down the slipway. Everyone holding the rope attached to the trolleys. 

Everyone on the slipway does need to wear a lifejacket. Please wear suitable clothing as you could get wet feet, and the slipway can get very slippery.

You will need to help launch all the safety boats and at the end of sailing you will be required to help recover the safety boats and put them away. This is really important!!! The priority is to get the safety boats put away, before the children's boats are put away.


Help the children launch, pull trolleys up on the beach and help juniors when coming ashore. There are some waders in the boat house that can be borrowed.


Tidy Up


This means making sure the club house and changing rooms are left tidy, including sweeping the floors. Litter to be collected from outside. Any lost property is to be placed in the Lost Property Box in the club house at the far end, and check that all boats have been put away, and no equipment is left around.