RYA Green Blue - SYC now joined up!

SYC will be more 'green' and eco-friendly, in part, helping to ensure our 'blue' on which we love to spend our leisure time is cared for, pollution-free and healthy for us and wildlife. Did you know we already recycle our rainwater?

Now our first official 'Green-Blue' initiative is to tackle single-use plastic. Already the Juniors have moved away from polystyrene chip trays and have had a huge clean-up at the club this Saturday. Hundreds of pieces of micro-plastic and lots of plastic litter in hedges and under boats were cleared.

Please do your bit to help keep our club eco-friendly and plastic-free, and if you are interested in the project please email Ali on alisonmcgregr@ hotmail.com.

On Thursday 9th November, SYC hosted an excellent presentation by Graham Nye – Station Manager and Hugh De Souza, - watchkeeper at Exmouth NCI, explaining the role of the NCI and why it was formed and what the NCI actually does. As a volunteer watchkeeper, I thought it would be appropriate if I were to give a brief explanation of the role of the NCI within the Search and Rescue Services.


Read more: Exmouth National Coastwatch Institution

Bill MacIntyre has very kindly provided some photos from the racing at SYC on the 27th September 2015. 

SYC Racing - 27th September 2015 - Bill MacIntyre
SYC Racing - 27th September 2015 - Bill MacIntyre

You can get to all the SYC photo albums (including this one) using the "Info" / "Photos" menu items or direct here.

Are you looking for crew for your boat or for opportunities to crew on a boat? If so, click "Read More" to find out how to use the "Crew Finder" page on the SYC web site.

Read more: Crew Finder

Cine footage of the Exe estuary, canal and local seashore from the early 1950s

To watch a fascinating BFI film clip of the Exe estuary, canal and local seashore in the early 1950s, click here.  See how the area looked 60 years or so ago - and in colour as well!

It might be worth looking at the Club history at the same time.  Click here to remind yourself how it all started way back in 1772.


Read the latest edition of Exe Press!

Back to the 21st century! The Autumn-Winter 2017 edition of Exe Press, the newsletter of the Exe Estuary Partnership, has just been published online. Learn more about the Exe Estuary Codes of Conduct, the major discussion subject of 2017, plus seahorses in the Exe estuary, the South West Coast Path photo competition and more besides. This is essential reading for those who care about events round our beautiful estuary in the present day.

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