Club Sailing Boats

Available for use by club members by prior arrangement. Members may not simply help themselves. Locations map

Covid-19 Precautions (updated 17 July)

  • The forecast mean windspeed of 14 knots continues to be the maximum allowed to take a hire boat on the water. Use Met office data amongst others to make your decision. This is to ensure crew and boat safety.
    Please make sure you sail within your capabilities and do not put yourself, your crew and others at risk. Especially not the emergency services.
  • You may now sail a two-hander with non-cohabiting crew as long as suitable mitigating steps are taken, such as wearing masks, visors,  gloves, etc. - decide what level of risk you are comfortable with but stay as far apart as possible on the water. Ashore, the two-metre rule continues to apply.
  • Note: due to the possibility of contamination, please continue to use the disinfectant provided to wipe down “touchable zones” on the hire boats before and after use. Supplies are in the Members’ Room porch.

Boat Hire Admin is Richard Fryer – see booking procedure below.

Boat Description Price
Wayfarer 8659
Family-size dinghy, well equipped for exploring the whole estuary. £15 for four hours
Wanderer 1467, ‘Elise’
A very popular hire choice, somewhat lighter than the Wayfarer and well equipped for exploring the estuary. £15 for four hours
Dart 15,
'Aly Cat'
Recent addition to our hire fleet, thanks to members of the multihull fleet who have generously clubbed together. Priority to Juniors, but available for other members of the Club to hire.
Warning: these boats accelerate fast and have different handling characteristics from monohulls. They can easily be damaged or cause damage. Please hire only if you are confident of your ability to handle the boat safely.
 £15 for four hours
Laser 167886
In race condition with Full or Radial. Preference given to experienced helms. £10 for four hours 
RS Feva
12ft one or two man dinghy (with spinnaker fitted in summer). A sensitive boat, best suited to nimble young sailors. (Sail #418 to be used with SYC5, sail #3389 with SYC6.)  £15 for four hours
SYC 7-11:
5 Toppers
11’ 4” popular single-hander. Fun for all. Also ideal for the less experienced, junior or beginner. (Mast, sail and boom marked up for each hull. Daggerboard and rudder: use any.)  £5 for four hours

3 Comet Trios:

  • Yellow 440
  • Dark Blue 452
  • Light Blue 439
    ('Skylark ')
The Comet Trio is a fantastic all-rounder dinghy ideal for training, cruising or racing. The dinghy is suitable for relatively new sailors (RYA Level 2 or above) and the more experienced alike. The dinghy is 4.6m (15’) in length, easily reefed, and can take up to 4 or 5 people. All the Trios are equipped with an asymmetric spinnaker system for those with advanced experience. Please message the Dinghy Hire Admin if you want to use the spinnaker, since this sail is not generally kept with the boats. £15 for four hours 

 A full day's hire (see options on Booking Requests page) is charged as a double four-hour session, e.g. £30 for the Wayfarer.

The procedure

Use the online booking request system .


  • Fees apply to all hires. When your booking is confirmed, you will receive an automated email asking for payment. Please make sure you have paid before taking a boat from its berth.
  • Preferred method of payment is by bank transfer. Please include name and boat in the payment reference, e.g. ‘FRYER_TOPPER’. (Do not use the payment reference sent to you by WebCollect when you paid your subscription, as it is strictly for subscriptions only.)
  • We cannot at this time accept cash payments, and cheques will only be accepted by arrangement with Boat Hire Administrator.
  • We regret we cannot offer refunds at this time.


By hiring an SYC dinghy you agree to:

  • Respect it as you would your own boat
  • Wash down, disinfect, cover and tie down after use.
  • Disinfectant supply is kept in the Members’ Room porch for use on hire boats. Please use it on above-waterline surfaces and return to where you got it from. (Please be sure to follow the disinfection protocol.)
  • Inform the Club promptly of any damage by recording it in the black folder in the Members' Room porch. Also report by email to me.
  • This is important to ensure the next hirer has a seaworthy boat.
  • Report any safety-critical issues in the black folder, and advise me directly that you have done so

Bon voyage!