• Make sure the tea water boiler is on by looking at the blue lights. If not turn on by using the Timer switch is to the right of the boiler with instructions above it.


  • Turn on dishwasher on the right hand side of the counter of the bar.


  • A key to the bar store is located at the back of the microwave.


  • The float is on a shelf in the bar store. The float tray goes in the till drawer under the counter to keep it out of sight and increase the free working surface area.


  • Familiarise yourself with the card payment machine. Instructions for use are nearby on the counter top




  • Clean all surfaces with antibac spray and disposable blue paper towels.


  • Fill Thermos jug with milk, arrange sugar and teaspoons on counter.


  • Put out food items on counter near drinks .Sweets and biscuits from galley store cupboard and some crisps from the bar store.


  • Read coffee maker instructions

        Fill new coffee machine with water and make one jug to start with

        Please use small white cups and saucers for the real coffee


  • Place all used glasses in the bar dishwasher. Instructions are by the dishwasher or in the folder located above the galley dishwasher.


  • You are taking money for food as well as drinks, so check the prices with galley people.


  • Check drinks chiller and restock anything that is getting low. There are reserves in the fridge in the bar store. If necessary, use stock from the shelf.


  • Prices for alcoholic drinks are on the sheet, located on bar counter



  • Empty and Switch off dishwasher.


  • Clean all surfaces with antibac wipes and disposable blue paper towel.


  • All used tea towels to be put in laundry basket by small fridge


  • You do not need to empty bin unless completely full and you need more space


  • Get receipts for supplies bought by galley and repay the galley members from the till.


  • The till tray shows the float to be left in the tray. Take out all remaining notes leaving the change and put money and galley receipts and Card Machine receipts into the plastic bank bags provided and write Your name , the date and amount on the sticker. Give the bag(s) to the lock-up person who will put it into the safe. The till tray should be returned to a shelf in the bar store. Make sure the door is locked and place the key behind the microwave.


  • If anyone gives you money for boat hire, boat bits or anything other than bar or galley please make a note of what it is for and place in a separate plastic bag writing your name , the date and amount on the sticker


  • Please make a note of anything that has run out, is low, or is faulty or broken or otherwise requires attention. (Leave the note in the stewards book or on the small wall whiteboard above the report book)


  • Any accidents or incidents to be reported in incident book found in members room