Duty Guidance notes

You will no doubt have seen some of the major changes that have taken place in the Galley, and the good news is that we now have a 5-star hygiene rating.

We have cleaned, sorted and labelled all the drawers and cupboards and created crib sheets to remind you of what needs to be done.

A standard menu for race days this year will be introduced from February 2019 which reduces the burden on you and makes galley duty considerably easier as well as ensuring that there is less waste.

We have also produced guidance notes for the different duties members are rostered to do at SYC  Please note the first part of the guidance notes deals with general information on duties with specific requirements in subsequent pages.

Morning Duty Races guidance notes are available here.

Afternoon Races guidance notes are available here.

Late Afternoon Races guidance notes are available here.

Free Sailing Events guidance notes are available here.

Please note that the notes are produced in printable pdf files so you will be able to print them out for reference.

You can find your duty dates and details on the club Dutyman software by clicking here.

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