Bar Duty Guidance

Important new information


  • Performing a club duty AT LEAST TWICE A YEAR IS A CONDITION OF MEMBERSHIP and the Club Committees will do their best to ensure all duties are evenly spread around members. Failure to turn up and do your duty is letting the whole club down.


  • If you cannot do your duty on the set day, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact another member on the Dutyman rota and swap with them. Alternatively, put something on the club website forum, the Galley Committee cannot undertake your duty or find someone for you. If all else fails, email The Galley / Bar coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. AS A LAST RESORT and she will send out an email asking for a volunteer to swap with you. Please don’t leave finding someone to cover you until the last minute.


  • The Bar is there to provide hot and cold drinks and snacks for members during club sailing times. In light of the changes to the galley structure the member allocated “Bar Duty” will be responsible for all drinks hot and cold and will take money for all items sold by the galley and the bar. For health and hygiene reasons those handling food should not be handling money.


  • Please note that our Health and Safety Insurance requires that no children under the age of 14 are allowed in the galley.


  • Please note that for licensing reasons, no children under the age of 18 may be served with alcohol. Only persons doing the bar rota or club officers may go behind the bar. Members are not allowed to help themselves.


  • Glasses should be collected up and put in the dishwasher and washed during and at the end of each duty.  This needs to be switched on approx 20mins before it is needed and instructions for use are on the wall and in the Galley.  After use the dishwasher must be switched off, the plug removed from the bottom and left empty of water.


  • The club holds what is known as a "Club Premises Certificate" which is different to other types of license in that there is no named licensee. However, the club is still restricted in the hours in which alcohol can be served. These hours are 10:00 to 23:00 on Monday to Saturday and 12:00 to 22:30 on Sunday (with slight changes for Good Friday and Xmas Day). Alcohol must not be sold outside of these times




  • Make sure the tea water boiler is on by looking at the blue lights. If not turn on by using the Timer switch is to the right of the boiler with instructions above it.


  • Turn on dishwasher on the right hand side of the counter of the bar.


  • A key to the bar store is located at the back of the microwave.


  • The float is on a shelf in the bar store. The float tray goes in the till drawer under the counter to keep it out of sight and increase the free working surface area.


  • Familiarise yourself with the card payment machine. Instructions for use are nearby on the counter top




  • Clean all surfaces with antibac spray and disposable blue paper towels.


  • Fill Thermos jug with milk, arrange sugar and teaspoons on counter.


  • Put out food items on counter near drinks .Sweets and biscuits from galley store cupboard and some crisps from the bar store.


  • Read coffee maker instructions

         Fill new coffee machine with water and make one jug to start with

         Please use small white cups and saucers for the real coffee


  • Place all used glasses in the bar dishwasher. Instructions are by the dishwasher or in the folder located above the galley dishwasher.


  • You are taking money for food as well as drinks, so check the prices with galley people.


  • Check drinks chiller and restock anything that is getting low. There are reserves in the fridge in the bar store. If necessary, use stock from the shelf.


  • Prices for alcoholic drinks are on the sheet, located on bar counter




  • Empty and Switch off dishwasher.


  • Clean all surfaces with antibac wipes and disposable blue paper towel.


  • All used tea towels to be put in laundry basket by small fridge


  • You do not need to empty bin unless completely full and you need more space


  • At the end of your duty, please remove any change , leaving a £3 float in the till drawer. Give the galley any moneys outstanding for food bought and put the galley receipts and change in a small money bag with your name, amount and date written on the outside and put in the till drawer on the top shelf in the bar store cupboard. The till tray should be returned to a shelf in the bar store. Make sure the door is locked and place the key behind the microwave.


  • If anyone gives you money for boat hire, boat bits or anything other than bar or galley, please make a note of what it is for and place in a separate plastic bag writing your name, the date and amount on the sticker


  • Please make a note of anything that has run out, is low, or is faulty or broken or otherwise requires attention. (Leave the note in the stewards book or on the small wall whiteboard above the report book)


  • Any accidents or incidents to be reported in incident book found in members room