• Hang your coats up on the hooks provided
  • Sign and fill in Hygiene Book on counter top next to the bar flap. This is a legal requirement and helps us keep our high standard award of 5
  • Read fire procedure for Galley and Bar ( on back of Galley door)
  • Switch on galley and bar lights if required, switches are behind the fridge and microwave
  • Switch on water heater. Timer switch is on the wall to the right of the cooker, instructions above it.
  • Switch on tea water heater in drinks area. Timer switch is to the right of heater, instructions above it.
  • Switch on dishwasher Switch on the wall to the right with operating instructions
  • Switch on extractor fan in the cooker hood if cooking on top of stove
  • Switch on fat fryer if required
  • Open windows (Summertime only) A step ladder is provided for this. It is behind the door in the bar store.
  • Write any extra food offerings on the blackboard provided in the Clubroom between the first and second shutters.
  • Please use the aprons provided. These can be found in large cupboard by back door 
  • Clean all surfaces with antibac spray and blue towels, blue towels are in the dispenser above the hand wash basi
  • Prepare food using the correct boards and knives for preparation. Keep raw meat, e.g. bacon and sausages separate from other foods. Wash all items that have been used to prepare raw meat before putting anything else on them
  • Leave the shutters down until you are ready to serve
  • Encourage Members to use the left hand shutter to return dirty dishes.
  • If you are preparing food, do not handle money The bar duty member will do hot and cold drinks and take the money


  • Drain and Switch off dishwashers
  • Switch off Fat fryer if used
  • Put away dishes if dry, or leave to drain/air dry
  • Clean all surfaces with antibac and disposable blue paper towel. 
  • Do not refreeze food that has been defrosted.
  • If you have bread or baps left over, put some in the freezer, labelled and dated
  • Put leftover milk into fridge
  • Any foods that will spoil, please sell it off, give it away or take it home. Do not leave perishable food exposed in the Galley (any unopened items can be frozen marked with the date of freezing).
  • Close hatches and secure them.
  • All used tea towels and aprons to be put in laundry basket by side of small fridge
  • You do not need to empty bin unless completely full and you need more space. Glass and bottles in recycling bin in bar, all other waste in main galley bin ( This will be recycled by waste contractor. )
  • Complete food hygiene form. Make sure you tick all the boxes required, and have carried out the procedures correctly. Please make a note of anything that has run out, is low, or is faulty or broken or otherwise requires attention. (Leave the note in the stewards book or on the small wall whiteboard above the report book)
  • Take a scan of your receipt for items bought for the duty and send to the Treasurer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your bank details for refund
  • Ensure extractor fan is switched off
  • Any accidents or incidents to be reported in incident book found in members room
  • In summer leave galley windows open

We have also produced guidance notes for the different duties members are rostered to do at SYC  Please note the first part of the guidance notes deals with general information on duties with specific requirements in subsequent pages.


Morning Races guidance notes are available here.

Afternoon Races guidance notes are available here.

Late Afternoon Races guidance notes are available here.

Free Sailing Events guidance notes are available here.

Please note that the notes are produced in printable pdf files so you will be able to print them out for reference.

You can find your duty dates and details on the club Dutyman software by clicking here.