Using Square Till and Payment Terminal

Starting Machine

  • Wipe down machine with alcohol wipe
  • Switch on power button on left side of machine. ( Press and hold for 2 -3 seconds ). It takes about a minute to load. When finishing please ensure that the machine is switched off on the power button but still connected and charging on the mains .
  • Screen should be set to Library which shows all items alphabetically .If not press library on top of screen .
  • Scroll down to get all items
  • Add items required for the sale and it will automatically add to the basket and total up.
  • For non-itemised products select other under all items and add price in. (in exceptional circumstances)

To pay by card

  • Press charge, bottom of screen. (Minimum Charge For Card Payment Is £1 )
  • Press review to check items and charge.
  • Customer inserts card or uses contactless .
  • Ask customer if they require a receipt and select print, email or no receipt
  • Press New sale to return to screen

To pay by cash

  • Press charge at bottom of screen.
  • Press review to check items and charge.
  • Press x on top left of screen
  • Select Cash and add amount given to you in the top box
  • Done
  • Press Tender (this will tell you how much change if any.)
  • No receipt for cash transactions
  • Press New sale to return to screen

To remove items from basket

  • Click review at bottom of the screen
  • Select item to be changed / cancelled
  • Change amount or remove item
  • Confirm remove item
  • Click on X (top right of screen to get back to main screen )