Safety Boat Duty Notes


Safety boat drivers typically have 3-4 dates on the rota, (though you may have less if you are driving on a Freesail/Dinghy cruise or double header race which may be counted as two duties). It’s a good idea to  look through the SYC Programme at the beginning of the year, check the dates on which you have duties, ensure you are available and make a note in your diary/calendar to remind you of the duty  later. Email reminders are sent but these are just that, you are expected turn up on time with a crew, regardless.
If you wish to swap a duty it is best to arrange this as soon as possible. It is the drivers responsibility to arrange another driver if they cannot perform a duty.


A contact list with drivers and crew is sent out at the beginning of the year (contact the Safety Boat coordinator if you do not receive one).  Please ensure the club has your current email address and if not contact the Safety Boat coordinator to update it.  Do keep the list where you will be able to find it so you do not have to ask for it again (3 times to one person is the record so far!). Please do NOT email everyone on the list with request for swaps (it’s ineffective and irritating) but select a number of dates you wish to swap with and contact these drivers.


You will need to arrange a crew, who needs to be over 14, have appropriate gear and be reasonably physically fit.  It’s a good idea to  arrange crew for all your duties at the start of the year (and remind them nearer the time).  Again this is the driver’s responsibility.  A crew is essential – a driver on their own cannot provide adequate safety cover if needed.

On the Day

You (and your crew) should aim to be at the club an hour before the race start time on the programme.  It’s helpful to make yourself known to the OOD so they know you are there.


A few weeks before the duty or when you receive a reminder you should let the Safety Boat coordinator know how things stand.
It is important you confirm that you are able to attend as expected  and that you have arranged a  crew.  Without this we have no idea whether you will do the duty and so are unable to make alternative arrangements if necessary.  
So please:

Confirm your availability or otherwise.

  • If you have been unable to arrange for a suitable crew please tell me. (Contact members on the crew list)
  • If you have exchanged your duty with another driver please tell me the name of the driver and date of the duty you have exchanged.
  • If you are unable to perform the safety boat duty you should try to arrange a swap with another driver and keep me informed of the situation.  
  • If there is any change in your availability please contact me as soon as possible
  • If you cannot do a duty or arrange a substitute driver your name will be added to the standby driver list and you may be asked to fill in duties for others.  It seems fair that you do for others what they have done for you.

Safety Boat  Rota Coordinator : Mark Whalley
Contact Details: You can contact the "SYC Safety Boat Rota Manager" via the Contacts page