Mexican Fiesta Night

Date  2 April 2022

Venue  SYC Clubhouse

Time  7.00pm 

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Ticket sales close  7.00pm Monday 28 March 


** Good Food **

** Dastardly Quiz **

** Cocktails **

** Fancy Dress (Optional) **



Cheesy Nachos and dips

Chicken Fajitas
Vegetarian Fajitas
Beef Chilli con Carne with rice
Vegetarian Chilli con Carne with rice

Sweet waffles with tropical fruits and ice cream
Mexican Chocolate Pudding (Gluten-free)

To comply with COVID safety measures there will be good ventilation
To ensure distancing measures there will be a limit of 42 tickets


Could this be You?

The Galley Committee are up and running with planning the food but we now need some willing volunteers to re-create the Social Committee - just a few hours a couple of times a year to help plan and decorate the Clubhouse to ensure a good evening. Galley Representative Sarah Peat would be very glad to hear from members willing to join in fulfilling this valuable off-the-water role.