Dear Members

Although it is very difficult for all of us who enjoy the fabulous facility we have at Starcross Yacht Club and our chosen water sport there, we had no choice but to close it this week.
The Club is deemed to be a Leisure Centre, one of many of which the Government has said should be closed to maintain social distancing.
The thought that we may use the River Exe as individuals has now been negated by a Notice to Mariners from Exeter Port Authority. This states that “it is not appropriate at present for the Harbour/estuary estate to be used for leisure or exercise, despite the current fair weather.” A full transcript can be downloaded here.
There is also the rule of unnecessary travel. Those travelling to the Club by car would certainly infringe that regulation.
Let’s hope that by staying at home and observing rules made for our benefit we can ALL return to enjoy Starcross Yacht Club again soon.
For those who may be worried about security of their boats and water craft stored at the Club, I have arranged for irregular visits from certain people to check over buildings and property. Bill King and Tracy Blackwell will continue with their duties of maintenance and cleaning to make sure all is neat and tidy for our return.

On a much lighter note, Jane Hill has managed to sign the Club up for a free Virtual Sailing App offered by the RYA. This should be available to all Members within a few days. Watch the Forum and Junior Section for details.

Finally, I hope many of you have managed to enjoy the superb weather of the last few days. Perhaps you have managed some gardening, clearing out the garage or re-discovering hobbies you had forgotten about. Conversation with friends and family can also be uplifting even if limited by distance and the internet. Thank heavens for that invention.

My message to you is Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Well.

See you soon.
Best wishes 

Ian Purvis

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