Starcross Yacht Club has signed up to the RYA Green Blue scheme which encourages water sport clubs to protect their environment and therefore enjoy more their chosen water sport area.
Eight years ago SYC, partially funded by the RYA, installed a rainwater harvesting unit which stores 3000 litres of rain water runoff from the boat shed roof and feeds it through UV germicidal filters to the flushing toilets. Last year 29 cubic metres of rainwater was supplied to the toilets.
During the galley refurbishment, water heating controllers were installed which provide hot water when required during galley service and then shut down, reducing power wastage.
Investigating other potential energy saving possibilities, we identified the oil-fired changing room heating as a suitable candidate. Previously it has operated 3 times a day on a 7 day time clock, consuming approximately 32 litres a week and providing hit-and-miss heating for Sunday winter racing.
As of now the changing room heating is operated on a demand-only basis.

A controller is prominently mounted in each changing area. The amber display invites you to push the green button if heat is required. Pushing the button changes the display to green, which states the heat is on. A timer runs the heating for 3 hours, sufficient to heat the rooms to around 18 C. First one in either changing room on race day should start the heating as it takes approximately 30 minutes to warm up.
During longer events, the button can be pushed again after the display has returned to amber. Multiple button pushing has no effect on the timer!!!!!

With this heating control we can save more than 60% of our current heating oil usage and heat the areas we use when actually required. The control operates any day of the week, so hardy winter weekday sailors can also enjoy a comfortable atmosphere after a hot shower.

  • Finally, please do not hang wet clothing and towels over the radiators. This practice, which is seen often on a Monday, inhibits the radiator function and reduces their performance drastically. Please take your property home.

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