During April we will be making a couple of small changes to the course board to hopefully resolve a couple of issues that we have been living with for some time.  The diagram below illustrates the changes.

 new course board

Click image to get full size diagram


The white FLEET boards on the left hand side of the board have been introduced to make it absolutely clear which course each fleet is sailing.  Those of us have been racing at SYC for some years have become used to the implied course indicated by the lap boards, but we hope the new approach of explicitly labelling the fleet using a course will make it easier for new members and existing members just starting to race.  As well as the fleet boards shown in the diagram there are additional boards that can be used for trophy races, junior fleets and pursuit race fleets.  

The other change is the blue board at the top left of the course board.  When this is in place it means that the OOD considers the course to be "set", and any changes will be subject to a Flag C signal to indicate the course has been changed.  If the blue board is not in place this indicates that the OOD is still deliberating on the final course(s) to use and you should be aware that the it may change without a Flag C signal.  The intent of course is that OOD will set the blue board as soon as they are happy with the course.

I will place a poster describing the use of the course board in the race box and next to the course board itself.

Unfortunately these changes will not stop me sailing the wrong course!