With the increased number of boats participating in recent races the OOD team need to be quick at scrolling to keep up - particularly when boats are lapping quickly. The raceManager has an alternate display for dealing with this - but it is not a well known feature. You might want to try this next time you are OOD (I almost always use this screen for lap timing).

EasyTimer Figure 1

Figure 1 - EasyTimer Screen
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To access the alternate view - on the Timer Page click the EasyTimer button. A display will pop up with the boats organised by sail number (instead of fleet) as shown in Figure 1. The first column has boats with sailnumbers starting with "1", second column with "2" and so on. You can see that you can access all the boats without scrolling - this screen shows the 51 entries from last weekend.

The green button at the top takes you back to the Timer page, and the red UNDO button works in the same as on the Timer page (i.e. removing our last timing). The blue SEQUENCE button at the bottom is an advanced feature which we will come onto later.

The boat (483) shown in red is the last boat timed. If you hover the mouse over a sail number (in this case 315) , it will be highlighted in orange and will show you the class, sail number and laps completed for a couple of seconds (in this case a Hurricane SX). Click the sail number and the lap/finish will be timed - this is equivalent to clicking the row on the Timer Page.

As you approach the end of the race the screen will start to look as shown in Figure 2. The boats highlighted in yellow are on their last lap. When a boat finishes it will be highlighted in black (and if it is the leading boat in a fleet all other boats in that fleet will be highlighted in yellow as they will now finish - a red warning is also displayed at the top of the page as shown.  You will also notice that scoring codes will be shown - see boats 3785 and 789.

EasyTimer Figure 2

Figure 2 - EasyTimer Finishing
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There are a few things you cannot do on the EasyTimer screen and you will need to toggle back to the main Timer Page to do them:

  • setting a scoring code like OCS, or DNF
  • force finish of a slower boat before the fleet leader (use the chequered flag option on the Timer Page)
  • shortening course.

Finally the SEQUENCE button can be used to adjust any lap timing. In Figure 3 - I have clicked the SEQUENCE button and it shows the last boat I timed (my old vessel B14 762).

EasyTimer Figure 3

Figure 3 - EasyTimer Adjusting a Lap Timing

Assume I missed it as it crossed the line and I estimate the laptime it got when I finally clicked it was 10 seconds too slow. I just enter "-10" in the second box and then click the Apply Change button and it will subtract 10 seconds off the lap time. Similarly "+5" would have added 5 seconds - i.e. if I had clicked too early. This function is not limited to the last boat clicked - the field showing the boat is a drop down menu which will let me access any of the boats I have timed and adjust their lap time. Personally I wouldn't use this feature to adjust the finish time for a boat - I think it is easier to do this on the Edit Page.