This is a demonstration version of the SYC RaceManager system [Version 9] - you can use it to practise before your OOD duty or familiarise yourself with the signing on system. The demo system provides an example of the four main types of races run at SYC (it can be easily configured to run different types of races).  All of the races are configured to use the Sign On system so you can enter a few boats using the Sign On system first and then gather those entries in RaceManager.

Read this first . . .

  • Each application runs in a separate browser window
  • It works on all Internet Explorer versions from IE8 - but with more recent versions you may need to add this site into your Compatibility View settings.  It works with other browsers - but to record the lap time for a boat you need to click the box to the left of the row (rather than anywhere on the row for IE)
  • this demo is running over the internet and is likely to be slower than the normal PC installation.

More information . . .

DEMO - start SIGNON system

DEMO - start RACEMANAGER system

Using the Sign On System

The Sign On system has been designed to be as simple as possible to use.   Just click the Sign On button on the first page and see if you can work your way through the system to confirm your entry. The system is designed to enter you for all races scheduled for 'today' - you can opt out of specific races on the confirmation page.

If you get lost use the Start Again button at the top right of the screen to get back to the entry page.

Most regular racers will use the Quick Entry option on the start page - they will know their sail number, as they are normally sailing the same boat each week.  This allows entry in two clicks.

If you enter a brand new class not known to the database (e.g. an RSwhizbang250) you will be asked a set of questions to allow the system to allocate the boat to the correct fleet in each type of race.

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Using RaceManager

There is no User Guide for RaceManager - the system is configurable for different races and there is extensive help available in the system.

In general the menu system at the top of the page provides separate pages for each stage of the race.  As the race progresses you move from left to right across the menu.

On each page there is a HELP button.  This lists a number of page specific help topics - the first topic on each page describes what you should use this page for.

The ENTER page gives you two options for entering boats.  You can either click the boat in the list to enter it - when entered it will be highlighted in orange.  Click again to unenter it.  Alternatively if the race is set up to use the Sign On system you can also use the Get Entries button which will occur at the top right if available.  Click this button and all the competitors that have signed on will be entered and highlighted in green.  The Add New button allows you to add new competitors to the database.

For most of the time during the race you will be working on the TIMER page - recording lap and finish times and marking boats that are DNF, or DSQ or OCS.  If you can't see any boats on the TIMER page - you have either not entered any boats, or not set the finish lap for the fleets that are racing, or not started the race timer.

Timing can be done in one of two ways - either click anywhere on the row containing the boat when the boat completes a lap, OR if you have a lot of entries use the Quicktimer option in the right hand column.  Simply start typing the sail number and it will offer possible matches - select the relevant boat and then click the Timer button as it crosses the line.  If you have a bunch of boats likely to arrive at the same time - use QuickTimer to find them before they arrive and then use the Save option - this will create a special button for each boat - you can then quickly click them as they cross the line.

As the race progresses some of the boats will have their lap counter on the TIMER page highlighted in yellow - this indicates that they are on the last lap and the next time they cross the line you should signal their finish.  As you time their finish, the boat will be removed from the TIMER page - just leaving the boats that are still racing.

The Print button on the RESULTS page is a key function.  As well as providing a printable version of the results if you need a hard copy, it also automatically updates the series results (if the race is part of a series), archives the results to a separate PC and updates the club website so that competitors can get the results from the website IMMEDIATELY after the race.  You cannot close the race until the results have been 'printed'.

On the last page you close the race which clears the system ready for the next race.

If you have any questions please post them on the SYC forum or on the Y&Y forum - I'll try and answer them.

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RaceManager - System Features


The RaceManager system consists of the five applications accessed through standard web browsers - with a common database to provide resilience during operation. This approach has been proven in more than 6 years of operational use (>500 races) to provide the most flexibility and ease of deployment. Using basic web interface technologies it is easy for Race Officers to pick up with a few minutes practice.

The five applications are:

Sign On

An application for club members to use to enter your club races


An application used by Race Officers to time races and publish race and series results on the website


An administration system used to configure the other applications and manage the results database


Web pages you incorporate into your club's website to display your race programme and results

PY Analysis

A web application that uses the results stored in racemanager to provide information for local PY adjustments (and submission of data to the RYA's PYS system


RaceManager does not attempt to provide all of the options of other results systems like Sailwave, but instead is aimed at simplifying the Race Officer and results creation tasks and improving the access to race results for your club members.  Key features include:

  • flexible configuration of race types (multi start, multi fleet, handicap, average lap, pursuit, etc.)
  • automatic selection of the type of race from club race programme
  • manual competitor entry or link to the "sign on" system for collecting entries and declarations
  • timing can be synchronised with automated starting systems
  • lap timing by sail number lookup or clicking entry list - with unlimited undo
  • three options for shortening a race - shorten all, shorten specific fleet, take results from previous lap
  • edit facility for correcting mistakes after the race
  • completely automated calculation of race results, update of series results and optional posting on club website
  • supports Sailwave and RYA PY results exports
  • club specific help and information links
  • administration application for the club Results Officer(s) to make post race corrections over the Internet.

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