Members sail entirely at their own risk and the safety of the boat is their responsibility.  

The decision to allow junior (under 18) sailors on the water is the responsibility of a parent or guardian.

  • Is your boat sound with enough buoyancy?
  • Are you wearing suitable clothing?
  • Are you wearing a buoyancy aid?
  • Is the combined weight of helm & crew appropriate for the boat?
  • Have you taken notice of the weather and the forecast?
  • Time of year –water and air temperatures and possible wind chill?
  • Does the boat have the necessary equipment for your sailing plan (anchor, GPS, charts, VHF)?
  • If you capsize, can you cope?
  • If the wind drops, can you get back to SYC?
  • Do you carry emergency equipment - VHF, flares, mobile phone, etc?
  • Have you told someone where you are going and of your expected time of return?
  • Have you signed the SYC day sailing log before launching and when you return?

Tony Blackmore/John Allen
January 2009