RYA Racing Charter

What is the Charter and why is it needed?

The RYA Racing Charter is a set of guidelines designed to help make racing more fun, fair and welcoming for competitors and organisers at all levels. If competitors and race organisers understand what is expected of each other, it will promote high quality, accessible and enjoyable racing for everybody. This means:

· promoting good rule observance.

· encouraging good sportsmanship.

· good communication between competitors and organisers.

· bigger, better racing at Clubs.


· To provide the framework for everyone to enjoy the sport of sailboat racing in whatever capacity and to whatever level the individual desires.

· To ensure that the sport of sailboat racing welcomes people and treats them equally.

· To ensure that individuals who experience sailboat racing are encouraged to continue.

Principles and Practices

· The sport welcomes all participants; it relies largely on self-compliance and self-policing. Those that deliberately take unfair advantage of this or behave in an inappropriate manner, either on or off the water, can expect to be brought to account.

· Competitors agree to compete and behave in compliance with the rules and in accordance with accepted standards of sailboat racing. When involved in a genuine dispute, both the parties to the dispute and those deciding the matter will use the established procedures for achieving resolution.

· Foul or abusive language, intimidation, aggressive behaviour or lack of respect for others and their property will not be tolerated.

· Organizers, officials and other providers of sailboat racing agree to strive to provide the fairest racing possible. This includes encouraging feed-back and facilitating the resolution of genuine disputes (including protests) in a timely and proper manner.

· Coaches and other advisors agree to encourage their charges to compete, officiate or behave only in compliance with the above principles and practices.

This Charter applies equally to those who organize, manage, coach, advise, judge, provide services and compete (including those who support competitors) in sailboat racing.

The RYA encourages the adoption and implementation of this Charter, and provides guidance and support to individuals and organizations to assist implementation. This guidance and support is consistent with any practices of the International Sailing Federation.

The Racing Charter (PDF Format)

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