Some weeks ago I reminded Members to make sure the main gate was shut on leaving the Club premises and to be vigilant when on site.

Recently a senior Club member went on a 26-mile trip from the Exe, round the QM2 cruise ship in Lyme Bay and back, on his catamaran. Starting the trip, he realised he had the wrong tiller extension. On his return he found one of his twin rudders was jammed. One of the rudder pairs, which are sequentially marked, was not his. The rudder, which was in a poor mechanical state, had been swapped over for one of his original good ones, as had the tiller extension.

Had this faulty rudder jammed at sea, it could have caused a serious incident. We are fairly sure the theft was perpetrated by someone outside the Club. Somehow this person gained entry, presumably at a quiet time, and carried out the crime.

Apart from a costly replacement, there could have been a serious safety issue at sea for the catamaran crew involving the emergency services.

Although we do not know how this person gained entry, I hope this incident reminds everyone to make sure the main gate is closed, preferably directly after entry and exit on non-race days, and to report any unusual behaviour to a Club officer.

Thank you
Ian Purvis

Update, 17 July

  • A forecast mean windspeed of 14 knots remains the maximum allowed to take a hire boat on the water. See Hire Page update for more details. If you have booked and paid, but wind is forecast over the limit on the day, please contact me and I will record a credit against your next hire.
  • You may now sail a two-hander with non-cohabiting crew. Please observe precautions as for racing.
  • The two-metre rule still applies ashore.

Club dinghies may be hired once again from Friday 29 May. Bookings are open as of now.

There are now 14 dinghies available for hire, each clearly numbered for identification. 

The Hire Dinghies page of the website has been considerably revised. Please be sure to read the new page before hiring your boat, because a number of changes have been made in order to enable all members to hire safely at a time when Covid-19 precautions are essential to safeguard both you and the hirer who comes after you (not to mention volunteer members undertaking any maintenance needed).

I am pleased to let you know that SYC will be open from tomorrow morning, Friday 15th May, for individual free sailing. There will be no safety boat cover.

If you decide to take advantage of the fine weather and venture out on the water, please make sure the conditions are suitable for your craft and your own capabilities. The RNLI is short-handed and would not wish to be unnecessarily called out. Also please remember the constraints of social distancing, which are a Government requirement. The Coronavirus has not gone away, it is just not currently acute in our area. Let’s keep it that way.

Some restrictions for Club use are already in place.

  • The Clubhouse and Galley are strictly out of bounds. Make sure you bring sufficient food and drink with you. There will be nothing available on site. Drinking water can be run from the tap in the Members’ Room.
  • Changing rooms have severely limited spaces and using them for changing into or out of sailing gear is discouraged. Please try to arrive and depart in your sailing gear or change in the car park.

We hope you have enjoyed the weekly Virtual Sailing races made available to SYC members by the RYA (Royal Yachting Association).

The RYA has published this poster, plus other advice and guidance for a considerate and safe return to the water. We are all anxious to avoid incidents such as recent RNLI rescues of people who had put themselves unnecessarily in danger, with potential health consequences for the RNLI volunteers involved.

There's more - click on the image above to see the full poster.

Dear Members

Although it is very difficult for all of us who enjoy the fabulous facility we have at Starcross Yacht Club and our chosen water sport there, we had no choice but to close it this week.
The Club is deemed to be a Leisure Centre, one of many of which the Government has said should be closed to maintain social distancing.
The thought that we may use the River Exe as individuals has now been negated by a Notice to Mariners from Exeter Port Authority. This states that “it is not appropriate at present for the Harbour/estuary estate to be used for leisure or exercise, despite the current fair weather.” A full transcript can be downloaded here.
There is also the rule of unnecessary travel. Those travelling to the Club by car would certainly infringe that regulation.
Let’s hope that by staying at home and observing rules made for our benefit we can ALL return to enjoy Starcross Yacht Club again soon.
For those who may be worried about security of their boats and water craft stored at the Club, I have arranged for irregular visits from certain people to check over buildings and property. Bill King and Tracy Blackwell will continue with their duties of maintenance and cleaning to make sure all is neat and tidy for our return.

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