Some weeks ago I reminded Members to make sure the main gate was shut on leaving the Club premises and to be vigilant when on site.

Recently a senior Club member went on a 26-mile trip from the Exe, round the QM2 cruise ship in Lyme Bay and back, on his catamaran. Starting the trip, he realised he had the wrong tiller extension. On his return he found one of his twin rudders was jammed. One of the rudder pairs, which are sequentially marked, was not his. The rudder, which was in a poor mechanical state, had been swapped over for one of his original good ones, as had the tiller extension.

Had this faulty rudder jammed at sea, it could have caused a serious incident. We are fairly sure the theft was perpetrated by someone outside the Club. Somehow this person gained entry, presumably at a quiet time, and carried out the crime.

Apart from a costly replacement, there could have been a serious safety issue at sea for the catamaran crew involving the emergency services.

Although we do not know how this person gained entry, I hope this incident reminds everyone to make sure the main gate is closed, preferably directly after entry and exit on non-race days, and to report any unusual behaviour to a Club officer.

Thank you
Ian Purvis