The cabinet with the camera

This new system is intended to make record keeping of berth usage easier for the Club Berth Marshal, Steve Peat.

Previously paper records got lost, destroyed or in some cases were illegible. 

By using this system a simple ID card can be photographed with date and time stamp and the file saved, edited and kept safe.

The unit is located in the porch of the old Committee Room. It is powered by rechargeable cells which have been recently upgraded to higher capacity and are solar charged (most days).

The interior of the cabinet

The instructions are simple to follow. Please note, it is only necessary to push the green button once to take a photo - multiple pushes create multiple photos.  The pictures here show a little more detail of the unit which is a compact camera in a box with external buttons. It is regularly checked by Rear Commodore Simon Deeks, so if you notice cards are running out or the pen is broken (again) please contact him via the forum.

Attaching the ID cards with the UV and weatherproof latex-free silicon bands to your boat trailer helps identify who is on the water. Please keep your card attached to your trailer and not in the cabinet.

Finally, although the cabinet looks like it might not be out of place in a bathroom, there is no toothpaste stored in it overnight!


The card ready for photographing

Here are the sign-on instructions you will find inside the cabinet:

  1. Write your name and boat type on a white card as shown in the example.
  2. Place the card, name down, on top of this box, band towards you.
  3. If the green light is flashing go to 4. Otherwise push the yellow button once or twice to activate the camera.
  4. When the green light flashes, push the green button to take a picture. Wait for the distinctive shutter sound, count to  three and remove your card.
  5. Attach your card to your boat trolley and use it next time. There is no need to sign out on your return.
  6. Please close doors to save power.

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