We are legally required to keep a record of all visitors to the SYC site. (See also Starcross YC COVID-19 Secure Policy.)
If you haven't signed on for racing, Free Sailing or individual sailing, or entered your name in the sign-on book (see end of article), you can register your presence using the NHS App instead.

  • Download and install the correct App
    (Android or iOS






  • At SYC, open the App and select 'Venue check-in'





  • Point your phone at the poster (several placed around the Club) from about 2 ft away. Within seconds…





  • … you should get the message 'Successful check-in'





  • Close down the App and go sailing!
    Or watch, socially distanced (2m), from the sea wall!

It is only essential to use the App if you haven’t…

  • signed on for a race using the online system
  • signed on for Free Sailing or individual sailing using the new online system 
  • entered your name in the sign-on book

Starcross YC COVID-19 Secure Policy