A huge thank you to the large number of people who turned up today (2 April) for the Spring Work Party. Lots done.

  • Although near high water, the foreshore was cleared of gravel and large logs.
  • Material for repair and partial renewal of the Laser racks was accurately cut to size by a team of experts and one set of ramps made up. The Laser Fleet have agreed to finish the work of refurbishment, thereby prolonging the useful life of the racks.
  • Someone cleared and tidied the Bosun’s shed - thank you. Plenty of room for storage again.
  • Two more picnic tables that have been in storage since last October were assembled and placed outside the Clubhouse ready for use.

The Galley Committee, in the process of preparing food for this evening’s Fitting Out Supper, took time out to provide doughnuts, tea and coffee, so thank you to them too.

A very successful morning and much appreciated.