An energetic fleet of 38 children took part in the inaugural Starcross YC Junior Regatta, held on the River Exe over four days from 14-17 August and open to entrants from River Exe clubs. The format of the event was 2-3 short races each day, with the fleets divided into a very competitive Gold fleet and a coached Silver fleet. In between racing a full timetable of beach games, camp-overs and discos took place, leaving lots of exhausted but smiling children at the end of four days.

The event experienced a wide variety of conditions, with races in six knots of breeze up to the final two days in an 18-knot north-westerly.

The Gold fleet was won by Hannah Carruthers sailing her Cadet with crew George Cox-Olliff, with Tom Semmens second in a Topper 4.2 and Huw Beare third in his Topper. The Silver fleet was won by Jess Upchurch, with Amelie Ballantyne second in her Topper and Noah Helm third, also in a Topper. The top three of the Silver fleet were all sailing in their first regatta, and for many in the Silver fleet this was their first-ever racing!

The event was very generously sponsored by Exe Sails and Covers, Exeter School, Seawood Chandlery, Rope Locker, Admiral Trailers and Sainsburys. This allowed a very full set of prizes, and entry fees to be kept to next to nothing. A huge thanks to all our sponsors and also to the small army of volunteers who made this event such a huge success.

Gold fleet overall
1. Hannah Carruthers and George Cox-Olliff - International Cadet
2. Tom Semmens - Topper 4.2
3. Huw Beare - Topper 5.3
4. Kirsty Scott - RS Tera Sport
5. Jack Solly - RS Tera Sport
6. Harriet Paley - RS Tera Pro
7. Caleb and Rowan Greeves - RS Feva
8. Ben Fuller - Laser Radial
9. Philippa Paley - RS Tera Sport
10. Charles Bamsey - Laser 4.7
  Silver fleet overall
1. Jess Upchurch - Laser Pico
2. Amelia Ballantyne - Topper 5.3
3. Noah Helm - Topper 5.3
4. Jessica Herdman - Topper 5.3
5. Emma Kaczor - Optimist
6. Tom Solly - Bug
7. Olly Skeldon - Optimist
8. Ella Hargreaves - Optimist
9. Arabella Upchurch - Topper 5.3
10. Will West - RS Tera Sport