Starstock 2 was bigger (and drier) than last year’s event. No rain, more music and a bigger crowd but otherwise a formula that seemed to keep 250 members and guests pretty happy from 4pm until 11pm.
“A small group of people organised the festival brilliantly and lots of others helped out on the day," said Starstock coordinator Keith Wheatley. “Special thanks to Tony Blackmore for the bar, Graham Buxton-Smith for parking, Robin Ponting for stage work and Ellie Thomas for decorating the marquee.
“It was great to see cruising member Peter Schranz open the festival with his jazz band The Old Boys Network. All the musicians seemed to enjoy the event as much as Starcross enjoyed hearing them, so a great day overall.”
  • SYC especially wishes to thank Keith Wheatley himself for the enormous amount of organisational work behind the scenes which made this very successful event possible once again.



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