• Boatie bits and bobs you no longer have a use for? 
  • Looking for aforesaid bits and bobs to keep ready in your spares box?

Please support Marcia Fletcher's Boat Jumble sale at SYC from 11am on Saturday 28 September (Racers' Working Party and Dinghy Cruise day), with 10% of all sales going to Club funds.

Full details are here. If you would like to print out mini-posters for publicity, a downloadable version is here.


To jog your memory: … fenders … rope … shackles … clothing (especially children's outgrown items) … nuts and bolts … sailing books and magazines … blocks … cleats and jammers … paddles … bailers … Topper spares from your children's Topper you sold five years ago … online mis-buys of all sorts!

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