This Update was e-mailed to all members on 18 March

Dear Member,

After much consultation the senior officers of Starcross Yacht Club have taken the difficult decision to cancel all organised events with immediate effect for a period of two months. This includes the Race Programme, Dinghy Cruising and Free Sailing. Most training has already been cancelled and no further courses will be organised during the two-month period. It does not include individual sailing at this time.

After the two-month period the situation will be reviewed. 

The decision has been based on the Government’s advice of social distancing which means people should not gather together in groups in order to avoid transmitting the Coronavirus from person to person. It is also in line with decisions made by other Sailing Clubs on the river Exe and sports clubs in the region. 

In taking these measures we are showing that SYC is complying with advice on how to keep safe and avoid exposure as individuals to this deadly viral disease. 

To be clear the following services will no longer be available.

  1. There will be no safety boat cover for any activity, crew rota is stood down.
  2. The Galley and Clubhouse is closed.  Galley duty rota is stood down.
  3. Toilets and changing rooms are still accessible but with advisory notices on their use. 

Until further notice, you may use the Club grounds for individual sailing and exercise. However, the use of Club safety boats or equipment in association with these activities is not permitted, nor is any other action that may imply it is organised by Starcross Yacht Club. In addition, it is a private Club and no members of the public are permitted within its grounds. 

These were difficult decisions to make but we hope you understand they are for your safety and protection against a potentially very harmful disease. The decision is final and will be reviewed as further government guidelines or controls are introduced.

Please note that those doing duties in the next two months will also receive an e-mail from DutyMan as a result of cancelling the events in the system.

Keep yourself and others safe. 

Tony Avery, President.
Ian Purvis, Commodore.
Robin Charles, Vice Commodore