I am pleased to let you know that SYC will be open from tomorrow morning, Friday 15th May, for individual free sailing. There will be no safety boat cover.

If you decide to take advantage of the fine weather and venture out on the water, please make sure the conditions are suitable for your craft and your own capabilities. The RNLI is short-handed and would not wish to be unnecessarily called out. Also please remember the constraints of social distancing, which are a Government requirement. The Coronavirus has not gone away, it is just not currently acute in our area. Let’s keep it that way.

Some restrictions for Club use are already in place.

  • The Clubhouse and Galley are strictly out of bounds. Make sure you bring sufficient food and drink with you. There will be nothing available on site. Drinking water can be run from the tap in the Members’ Room.
  • Changing rooms have severely limited spaces and using them for changing into or out of sailing gear is discouraged. Please try to arrive and depart in your sailing gear or change in the car park.
  • The showers have been disabled and there is no hot water.
  • Show respect for others when using the toilets and remember the social distancing rule, stay 2 metres apart from others.
  • There are sanitisers and wipes at strategic points. Other more suitable dispensers are on order but with a delivery backlog.
  • The General Committee have prohibited the sailing of multi-handed boats by persons not cohabiting. Artificially ballasting boats to compensate when they are not designed for it will also not be allowed. Please do not flout this rule.

In the coming week we will be completing a risk assessment for the whole site to make sure everything is safe for all users. We will be upgrading and improving facilities step by step as required.

When taking your boat out, please use the leisure sailing sign-on facility located in the left-hand porch.

Club hire boats will be available next week, and we will let you know when. Up-to-date messages are also posted on the Club website regularly. Check it out every day.

And finally, when you get back to the Club you will see that a bright, shiny yellow sticker bearing a unique reference no. and your name has been applied to all craft and trailers that we hold valid subscriptions for. Please could you check that your equipment, especially trailers, bears the correct name, and if not, please contact the Berth Marshal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. asap.

Enjoy your new freedom.

Best wishes

Ian Purvis

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