From the Club premises at Powderham Point, on the west bank of the Exe Estuary, there is all-tide access to the adjacent area of water known as the Salmon Pool; in which our members have moorings with between 0.5 to 2m of water at LWOS. This mooring area is surrounded by a similar number of semi-drying moorings. We also have a small group of semi-drying moorings further downstream in the Perch Pool.

There is a waiting list for the deeper moorings but often little delay if your yacht is of lifting or twin-keel design and able to take the ground. The Pool area, adjacent to our grounds, is sheltered from the prevailing Westerly winds. We are about a mile upstream from Starcross village and about 4 miles from the open sea at Exmouth. Most moorings are only a short row to our slipway and main club house, which is the only realistic access to this area. Whilst locally managed by SYC, the right to lay and use a mooring in this area is by annual licence from Powderham Castle Estate; except those in the Perch Pool, which are licensed directly by SYC.

On the shore, as well as the usual club facilities of showers, bar etc, we have storage racks for tenders and on-site car parking. There is limited winter storage for day-boats but most members make use of the boatyards and craning facilities upstream at Topsham or downstream at Exmouth.

Members regularly cruise to Torbay or the River Dart for weekends and we also race to these areas twice a season. Starcross Yacht Club is ideally situated as a friendly home anchorage for skippers and families that wish to sample the delights of the South Devon and Cornish coastline, whether coastal hopping to the many sheltered  estuaries or over to the Channel Isles or Brittany.

Our Cruise-in-Company group brings members together for informal cruises, as well as supporting those unfamiliar with a particular cruising ground by sailing in company with a more experienced member.

Contact the Cruiser Section Hon Secretary for more information; either by e-mail via the contacts page or via the club's telephone number (listed at the foot of this page).