April is here, the evenings are lengthening, the open water beckons. And here we are, locked down at home. But help is at hand!

Starcross Yacht Club as a member of the RYA has signed up to free eSailing  software which enables all members to involve ourselves in some virtual water sport. Our thanks to Jane Hill, who has set everything up and tried it out successfully and is inviting you to take part in a virtual dinghy race this evening, April 2nd, at 19.00. All members should have received an e-mail last Tuesday with links to the RYA instruction document and the VR (Virtual Regatta) website.

To get to the races make sure you are signed in to the VR Inshore. Click into the custom race box then click join and put in the code which is in the e-mail.

There will be three races, limited to 20 boats each, and you will need some practice time with the app before you sail, so time is short! Good sailing!