Boat items for sale

Caroline Howe has made a start on working through the boat bits Nigel assembled over a lifetime of sailing. 

The pricing of those items has changed recently. Instead of "make me an offer", unless otherwise specified, it is now "if an item is useful to you, please donate something direct to the RNL according to what the item is worth to you". No need to say how much - just donate according to how useful an item ends up being for you. This is because Caroline would prefer to see items re-used at SYC is possible but anything that doesn't go soon will end up on Apollo Dock.

Unless specified otherwise, all items are in "well used" condition - as you might expect!

If you want to have a better look at any of the items let Caroline know and that can be arranged (and clicking any photo will show a full resolution version of the photo).

If you are interested in any of the items or want any more details, email Caroline using the contact form at the end of this page.

List of items

Trailer boardA trailer board with lights (not tested)Small pick up buoy
Small pick up buoyA small well used pick up buoySmall pick up buoy
2 life jacketsTwo Ocean Safety 150N life jackets. These are old but the bladders remained inflated after a 24 hour manual test. The inflation mechanisms / gas cylinders will need replacing as they will be well out of date2 old life jackets
Horseshoe BuoyA horseshoe buoy in yellowHorseshoe buoy
Trolley wheelsTwo fifteen inch trolley wheelsTrolley wheels
Stockless anchorDinghy sized anchor - I think the type is called "stockless". Comes with open canvas bag (not shown)Stockless anchor
Folding grapnel anchorDinghy sized anchor - a folding grapnel type anchor Forgot to take a photo of this one!
Womens sallopettesRed womens Gill "drop seat" waterproof trousers / salopettes. Size is about a "medium"Gill trousersGill trouser label
Dry bagsA choice of three medium size dry bags. The blue Ortleib one is in almost new condtion. The two black ones are well used. All three are of a similar size (with one of the black ones labelled as 25 litres size.Blue dry bag1st black dry bag2nd black dry bag


Mirror dinghy mainsailAn old and well used classic red Mirror dinghy mainsail. For use as a spare or awning or making into a jacket...Mirror mainsailMirror mainsailMirror mainsail
Mirror dinghy jibAn old and well used red Mirror dinghy jib.Mirror jib
Osprey sailMainsail for an Osprey dinghy. It's old and has some stains on it but looks as though it could do as a spare for pottering about. Or re-use it for a large garden shade?Mirror jibMirror jibMirror jib

Dart 18

The following Dart 18 items are not for sale at the "donate something to the RNLI" pricing. If interested in any of the following items, please get in touch with Caroline to view them and discuss a price.

Dart 18 mainsailIn almost new condition, this Dart 18 mainsail looks as though it has hardly been used. I can only presume that Nigel only liked sails with green and purple colour bands!Dart 18 mainsailDart 18 mainsailDart 18 mainsailDart 18 mainsail
Dart 18 jibIn reasonable condition, this Dart 18 jib is not the companion for the above Dart 18 mainsail (which is in much better condition). Still sailable but perhaps more for cruising that racing.Dart jibDart jibDart jib
Dart 18 hull coversTwo red Dart 18 hull coversDart jibDart jib

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