Getting on the water at SYC

Just joined SYC? Fairly new to sailing? Maybe you've just done your RYA level 1 / level 2? Or new to the Exe Estuary?

If so, this page aims to answer some of the questions you may want to ask before going on the water - whether that is by dinghy, yacht, canoe / kayak or paddleboard.
Perhaps more importantly, it tries to to point you in the direction of other SYC members who may be able to answer any questions you have. Please do get in contact as being afloat on the Exe Estuary is special and we really hope you can enjoy it safely too!

Getting out on the Exe

When can I get out on the water?

There are no restrictions on when you can get out on the water from SYC. At low water on the very biggest (Spring) tides, you may run out of slipway and end up playing in the mud for an hour (if you choose to return to SYC right at low tide).

However, if you are new to sailing or new to the Exe Estuary it is very likely that you'll initially want to get out on the water when there are other people around and safety boat cover. This section aims to provide you with an overview of the various organised activities at SYC and how to decide whether to go sailing when they are happening.

  • Water Sports - these sessions with safety boat cover and a racebox lookout are ideal for getting out on the estuary for the first time. Better still, there's a  rota of experienced SYC members who attend these sessions ready to give help and advive - if asked. Please do ask! Or get in contact with John (the new members "captain")
    See the SYC programme for when these sessions happen
  • Dinghy racing - SYC dinghy races aim to appeal to all - from novices to national champions. Tides permitting, they take place every Sunday throughout the year and every Wednesday evening during the summer (see the SYC programme for times). While the idea of dinghy racing may seem daunting if you haven't been involved before, it really shouldn't be. Have a read of The Duffers Diary written by an SYC member trying out racing for the first time to get a feel for how welcoming it can be! If you just want to go sailing on a race day because there are plenty of safety boats about, maybe pop into the race box and ask where it is best to sail while the race is happening. Or maybe get in contact with Dave (the sailing secretary)
  • Dinghy cruising - another great option for getting out on the water with safety boat cover. However, because the dinghy cruises tend to go further from the club and to where the tides run faster in the Exe, they do ask for a minimum level of experience,. Please see the dinghy cruise guidelines or, better still, get in touch with Mike or Rod (the dinghy cruise group co-ordinators).
  • Junior sessions - junior sailing (mainly Friday evenings in Spring / early summer) have a veritable armada of safety boats / ribs on the water so are another opportunity to get on the water when your fellow club members are about. To get more info, get in contact with Kate (the Juniors membership secretary)
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