Yachting at Starcross Yacht Club

Welcome to the yachting hub page on the Starcross Yacht Club. Hopefully, you'll find lots of information to help you get the best out of yachting at SYC.
SYC Yacht at Start Point

The Exe Estuary

Starcross Yacht Club is situated on the beautiful Exe Estuary.Find out why the Exe Estuary makes a great base for yachting.


Starcross Yacht Club has a range of moorings for sailing craft - some all tide and some half tide. There's also details of the SYC cruiser rules.

Yacht Cruising

Starcross Yacht Club members cruise regularly cruise the West Country, across the Channel and to the east.

Yacht Racing

Starcross Yacht Club organises several yacht races each year.

Club Facilities and Winter Storage

Find out about the club's facilities and where members store their yachts over winter

SYC Yachting Contacts

Cruiser captainMike Horwood
Cruiser Secretary (General)Derek Hathaway
Cruiser secretary (Moorings)Julian Parlett
Bosun afloatAndy Bartram
Cruiser CommitteeJohn Allen, Mark Farries, Dave Kingdon, Peter Schranz, Roy Smith, John Steels, Simon Tytherleigh

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