Changes to Galley Procedures, May 2023

Dear Member

This is to inform you that there have been some recent changes to the SYC Galley Procedures.
On Wednesday evenings through the summer and on Sundays, fresh food will be served to members. All foods will have been prepared and cooked, where appropriate, by a Club member with a Level 2 Health and Hygiene Certificate or purchased from a recognised supplier.

A revised and updated Galley Handbook is there for you on the countertop.

You will not be required to cook, all foods will be prepared ready for reheating and placing in the Food Warming Cabinet, again where appropriate. Full step by step instructions will be available in the manual.

Another change to note is that you are not required to take milk on the day of your duty. This will be provided for you and is now located in the Bar Store refrigerator door. The Galley fridge is now being used for storing fresh or defrosted foodstuffs.

With these revised procedures, it is not necessary to turn up early for duty. 30 minutes after the race start time is sufficient.
Please leave any comments in the Galley logbook or contact me directly. We really want to offer the best service to members possible. If you have any immediate questions, please email me at <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Ian Purvis, Galley Coordinator
31 May 2023